"So you are starting a blog! Why could we be interested?", quote random internet people.

Because it wil be come the most awesome blog on the internet, check the fancy font I used for the title and the obvious reference to soviet Russia. The font is called "Red_October-Regular.ttf". I really like the movie with the same title "The hunt for the red oktober". For the pity humans who don't know the movie, a quick overview. Sean Connery tries to speak Russian. US submarine finds the Red October and loses it again because it became silent using its magnetohydrodynamic drive. Ryan briefs the us generals about it. Persistent sonar operator creates theory about the Red October using fancy tape recorder. Few exciting scenes with torpedo's. Ryan gets flew over to a carrier. Ryan gets flew over to a sub. "ping uss_dallas -c1". "Radiation" leakage. DSRV. Coarse 315. Suicidal cook. "Torpedo dead head". But this aside I hope you will enjoy this blog.

You already know one thing about me, I like that movie. Other things I like is making electronic gadgets, solving electronic problems, doing some programming in C and C++, play pc games, watching movies, some anime, ...

In my normal "9 to 5" job, I'm a researcher at a university in Belgium. After that I have my own electronic consulting firm that makes and fixes custom electronics and the software needed for it. I did software for intelligent led lighting. I also made an entire interactive whiteboard solution, hardware to software and production to support. My company that handles that still exists and is paying for my experiments.

Also I am a ham-radio operator. I'm fairly interested in the VHF/UHF/SHF bands. My opinion is that everything below 30 MHz is DC except for a a lot of cases. My best radio contact was a fellow ham operating in Norway on 432.100 MHz (almost the same frequency where your wireless garage opener works) the total distance was over 900 Km. I was operating on a hilltop with a small antenna and a FT-817 for the connaisseurs. 

On gaming, I have only one statement, I only play pc games. No shitty consoles for me. I play mostly TF2, BF4, CNC RA2, CNC GENERALS ZH. You can find me on TF2 with the controversial name "I like the phlogistinator". I'm sometimes active on the EU reddit server.

I do like good movies, see earlier.

I'm no veteran anime watcher, I have too little time to do so watch a lot but what I watch I enjoy the most. I liked Fullmetal alchemist and Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, Fate/stay night, Fate/zero, Kill la Kill, Code geass, Gurren Lagann, Rin: daughters of mnemosyne,...

On FMA and FMAB, watch FMA first and then watch FMAB a few weeks after you finished the first one. At the end you get more story and don't be annoyed with the ending of the first series. Why? FMA is the first adaptation made for the manga (never read it/ never will read it) but the source material wasn't finished when they start making it, it starts to deviate around the midpoint for the real story. FMAB is also a remake but it follows the manga quite will I have heard. 

This will be enough for my first post. What do you like in the future? I have some rants about some hipster programming languages coming.

From your loving comrade general.